Friday, September 14, 2007


I bought a container of hummus from Organic Springs (our local health food store) for a quick lunch. I know Abbie has eaten (and loved!) hummus that I bought before- I guess this one had a slightly stronger flavor. I gave her a teeny tiny taste... and she freaked out! She said "YUCKY, No-likey" and proceeded to wipe her tongue on my skirt. She then hid behind the couch and refused to come out until I put the tub back in the fridge. She's never acted that way before... I guess she really, really didn't like it! On another note, I'm working on a felt hummus pita sandwich set for a custom order. It's quite cute so far... I'll post pictures once I get it done!

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Anonymous said...

lol and she freaked out! She said "YUCKY, No-likey" too funny!