Saturday, August 25, 2007

Millions of Peaches!

Well, not quite a million. Although, we did bring home a LOT of peaches from this farm. Here's a peach:

And another:

And just a *few* more in the trunk of our car ... 60 pounds to be exact (+ 10 pounds of apples).

Well, not all 60 pounds went home with us. We shared with family and friends. But I do have 20 pounds sitting in the kitchen, just waiting to be peeled, sliced and frozen. Guess I should get busy. Anyone wanna come over and help? Peach cobbler for everybody!
What's your favorite peach recipe?


Girls Beaded Socks said...

Your peaches look delish!
Our peaches are all done and apples aren't ripe, yet.
Have a great day!

Whitney of lilli tutu said...

Great pics on the peaches! I just checked out your shop and I LOVE the carrots:)


Meredith said...

my favorite recipe for ANY fresh, tart fruit... Pavlova!

I had one a few weeks ago with peaches and blackberry sauce, mmmm!

enjoy those tasty fruits!

ps i love those carrots, too :)

Meredith said...

karabu said...

I rember picking peaches as a kid. How fun! Alas - that farm is a strip mall now. Gotta find a new place to take my kids. hanks for the memories.

Angela said...

Oh YUM!!!
I would love to come and help you freeze peaches!

I love the peach raspberry pie in the Joy of Cooking. It has rockin crust! I don't enjoy making pies but this one is worth it.

Toni said...

Our peach tree is starting to have ripe ones! I ate the first one, err three today and am really looking forward to the rest. The deer ate them last year and I need to get the fencing rolls propped up around the branches to foil those pests.