Thursday, July 26, 2007

What's new at Enchanted Dandelions?

Some of you may have noticed my new creations for sale at Enchanted Dandelions - flannel cloth wipes and burp cloths.
I've been using cloth diapers since Abbie was about 6 months old, but it took me until she was 18 months before switching to cloth wipes. I'm not sure why it took so long, as I absolutely LOVE them now! They work so much better than thin disposable wipes; instead of using a half a dozen disposable wipes, even the messiest of jobs get taken care of in just 2 or 3 cloth ones. Not to mention how much better I feel about a) saving money, b) producing less waste, and c) not having to worry about an ingredient list a mile long full of words I can't pronounce. And I find myself using them for SO many other things than just diaper changes. I keep a bunch of them in the kitchen drawer for cleaning up after mealtime, and in the bathroom for scrubbing up in the tub. Cloth wipes are truly a versatile baby neccesity!
When Isaiah was younger, he had reflux, and spit up multiple times after every feeding. Usually I just grabbed a cloth diaper, but as often as he spit up, I was running out of diapers to use on the other end! So, I started making these. The contour shape fits perfectly on your shoulder, and the 3 layers of flannel makes them absorbant, without being too bulky. And while you can only glamorize baby puke so much, the cute prints make it a little less mudane.

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