Saturday, July 7, 2007

There's a turtle in my bed!

This morning, I woke up to a baby turtle crawling on my chest. Apparently, Thomas had woken up early and walked outside to find the little guy crawling across the sidewalk. Knowing my obsession for all things turtles, he brought it in to show me. Of course, I knew Abbie and Isaiah would want to see it, so I woke them up as well. They were estatic! We watched the turtle crawl all over the bed, and let them hold him. After Thomas took him back outside, the kids and I pretended to be turtles in our shells, by hiding under the blankets. Definitely a morning to remember! I mean, how often do YOU wake up to reptiles in your bed?


Jen said...

Wowza! That tops my morning, for sure -- all I woke up to find was spitup on my pillow from the baby, lol! Love the story.

(Though the mom in me simply has to point out.... reptiles do carry salmonella, so I hope y'all washed up carefully before you had breakfast ;)

April said...

Hehehe, sorry about the baby spit up. As a co-sleeper, I definitely know about waking up in puddles. *ick*

Thanks for the reminder! I've had several turtles as pets, we washed up quite well before digging into our pancakes! :-)

rainbowmummy said...