Friday, July 20, 2007

I :heart: Goodwill!

I love thrift-shopping! On the way home from grocery shopping, the kids fell asleep in the car. So, I convinced hubby to stop by Goodwill and let me run in, while the kids took a much needed nap. I knew I only had a few minutes, before Thomas started to get disgruntled, so I was practically running through... but I still managed to pick up a few things.
I found these wooden bowls for $0.25 each. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them quite yet. Maybe I will put on my mantle with some lavender blossoms, once they finish drying in the closet. Any ideas for the other two?
I also found these pajama pants which I had to have! They are a bit worn, but that's the best way to buy PJs... already broken in and snuggly. My sister is going be jealous over these, but she's the Goodwill Queen around here, and has the best luck finding such great stuff. I also found Abbie an adorable dress for fall, a like-new Fuzzi Bunz cloth diaper for only a $1, a Hanna Anderson sleeper for $2, and a few books for the kids because you can never have enough books!


Jen said...

I'm a thrift shopper, too -- love it love it! I love the thrill of "the hunt" and the bragging rights ('Oh, this dress? You like it? Thanks! It cost two dollars!') not to mention feeling good about reusing instead of buying new all the time. And I hear ya about the books. Can NEVER have too many books!

Angela said...

Your post could have been my husband and me! Only it would more likely be, "I'm going into that fabric store while you wait with the kids". HAHA
I love thrifting but the more kids I have, the less patience I have with going through racks and hopping in and out of garage sales. If the kids aren't with me that's different.
My cool sister is also the goodwill queen. She even takes her 5 kids in there and always comes out with an awesome treasure. I love going with her because she finds such awesomeness!

Those bowls are cool. I can see them on a hall table or dresser to place your keys or empty your pockets. You could sand them down and paint and/or decoupage and decorate them.